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EduSynk Features

Live Classes

Integrated with Google Meet. Provide the best of online classroom experience to our teachers and students.


Save teachers' time by marking attendance directly in the app. No need to maintain a separate register and update periodically.


Dedicated mobile application. Ensure none of school's announcements are missed by parents.

Real Time Chat

Official chat platform. Ensure that parents' concerns are handled efficiently. No numbers shared, privacy guaranteed.


Configure fee at granular level. Collect the payments online. Provision of late fee, refundable fee, pro-rata deduction, etc.


Integrate our admissions modules with your website. Receive admission applications online and process them.


Teacher's can give home work to students directly over the mobile application. Keeps parents in loop on what is happening in class.

Teacher Notes

A daily diary replica. Don't miss communication from teachers. Easiest for teacher to send group message to whole class.


Learning doesn't stop with book reading. Additional learning content can be created and uploaded for students to refer.

Time Table

Create custom period structure and time table section wise. Maintain substitutions as well for teachers on leave.

Academic Calendar

A year long academic calendar. Ensure that parents and students are well aware of events (holidays, examination, cultural events, etc.)

One-To-One Queries

Dedicated Query module. Ensure that teacher's and parent's concerns are resolved by the school admins. Improve credibility.

Bus Tracking

Ensure your ward's safety even during the commute. Real time notifications for boarding/de-boarding the vehicles.

ID Cards

Printable templates for student's ID cards for each session. School specific template can be added, if needed.

Exam Scheduling

Configure the exam format for each class uniquely. Schedule the examinations via web application.


Create and maintain results digitally. Save time and paper. Parents/Students can access their results via mobile app in real time


Manage student's & teachers leave directly. Allocate substitutes for teachers on leave via application

Daily Schedules

A dedicated module for teachers and students to check their daily schedule. Easy connect to online class via the same.

Library Management

Keep a database of all the library resources digitally. Manage the issue cycle of books efficiently.


Globalization and Localization. Any school across the globe with any language of operation can use the application

Is EduSynk really the most configurable system?

Affiliation to multiple Boards of Education

Manage all your education boards efficiently using a single application.
Create session, classes, timetables, etc., configure fee, calendar, period structure, etc. specific to each board.

Multiple Mediums

You may want to run your application in regional language for a regional board.
or, May be some of the parents / students / teachers are not well versed with a common language, each can view the application in their own language

Multiple Shifts
in School

Run multiple shifts easily and efficiently.
We currently allow two shifts per session and you can create any number of session as per requirement.

SaaS or In-House Development or Buy & Host: What Is Better?

Software as a Service

SaaS systems are most efficient provided their features are configurable, and can solve concerns of different schools as per their need. Save development time as well since you get a ready-to-use product. Most good SaaS providers keeps on adding more features continuously.

In House Development

The task of building a comprehensive application suiting maximum needs for a school is not an extremely easy one.
Why? Apart from project management complications, the financials involved are extremely huge.

Buy & Host

Another viable option looks like purchasing an already existing school management system along with source code, and build further on that for the extra features needed. The financials involved in this are as large as the risk of getting a poor quality code.

Comparison on the basis of their benefits

How costly can each of these can be?

Is SaaS actually Value for Money?

Annual Subscription = ₹ 96,000/-

(@ ₹ 4 per student per month, for 2000 students)

Other costs = Zero

Total Cost for 20 Years = ₹ 20,00,000/- (around)

* SaaS subscription is usually based on the number of students in your school.

* Our plan starts from ₹ 36,000/- per annum.


Isn’t In-House Development a wrong choice?

Development Cost (4 developers, 1 Manager) = ₹ 25,00,000/- per year

*building a capable team is a bigger challenge than paying them

Server Cost = ₹ 60,000/- per year

Cost of annual software licenses = ₹ 1,00,000/-

Infrastructure Cost = ₹ 3,00,000/- (one time)

Total Cost for 1 Year = ₹ 27,00,000/-


Is Buy & Host a total “lose-lose”?

Cost of original source code = ₹ 5,000/- to ₹ 5,00,000/-

(quality of code is biggest concern)

Considering only a single developer for further development = ₹ 5,00,000/- per year

Other costs (server, licenses, infrastructure) = ₹ 1,50,000/- pa

Total Cost for 1 Year = ₹ 6,55,000/- to ₹ 11,50,000/- (around)



  • Requirement of a dedicated and good quality team of developer and manager raises annual cost of IN-HOUSE Development to a very high levels. You can actually have SaaS for lifetime in that amount, right from day 1
  • Buying a software with code is also similarly expensive but has a bigger demerit related to the quality of code you are getting. This may sound better than In-house development, but shall actually be less preferable of the two.
  • SaaS provides you with best of the class application with the most comprehensive set of features and option to have lifetime validity at a budget of just an year of other two.

SaaS is the undoubtedly the Best.

Why clients admire EduSynk?

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

World’s Best Server
No downtime
Work from anywhere, anytime

Best User Interface

Best User Interface

Best Intuitive Interface
Easiest school management
system to use

One Point Solution

One Point Solution

A single software for everything 
Stop spending money on multiple software
for different operations

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable 

EduSynk is flexible and can be configured as per requirements of the schools; makes it globally implementable

Industry Best Features

Industry Best Features

Features catering to the 
latest trends and requirements
of K12 Education Industry

Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

No missing communications 
Every communication among educators & parents happens real time


Promotes Best Practices

EduSynk promotes what is best
i.e. Technology Oriented Culture
and Digital learning practices

Process Oriented

Process Oriented

Increases Accountability
Process oriented system confirms
everybody is playing his part honestly


Saving Earth

When schools operate with EduSynk, they automatically saves paper and therefore save the Mother Earth

Frequently asked questions

Every feature in EduSynk is designed in such a configurable way that every school can use that feature as per its requirement. Further, if something is changed in school, they can change the configurations and keep using the same feature. 

That’s why EduSynk is one of best school management and information systems with unparalleled technological and functional superiority.

Yes!! we keep talking to our clients to know if they need any enhancement, and if they suggest anything which creates an additional value to the product, we build that functionality.

Also, once you subscribe to EduSynk with a plan of your choice, all enhancements and updates in the features to which you have subscribed will be available to you without any additional cost.  

Yes, we are continuously building new capabilities as per our product planning schedule. However, if our clients suggest a value added capability then we are happy to have that in our planning schedule. 

For now, EduSynk offers all the features as a part of common product and plan. Soon, we will be coming up with the option of choose the features you need and pay only for those. A customized pricing plans as per the features will soon be available.

As our introductory pricing, we are offering all our features at ₹ 6/- per student per month (for a minimum of 500 students).

Consider that there are 500 students in your school.

No. of pages needed for each student (circulars, fee receipts, date-sheets, timetables, etc.) = 40 (minimum)

Total Pages = (500*40) = 20,000

Ream of sheets needed = (20,000 / 500) = 40

Cost (considering 1 Ream costs around ₹200 in wholesale) = (40*200) = ₹8,000/-

Cost of attendance registers for each class = ₹1,000/- (minimum)

So, you not only help in saving our mother planet Earth by saving atl east 40 Reams of papers and a lot of registers, you also save around ₹8,000-₹10,000 as well.

EduSynk is entirely an app based system. All the information will be sent/received via mobile application using internet. The only SMS sent will be of App invite to get teachers, parents, & students on the mobile app and to those who don’t have smart phones.

All the SMS costs are already including in the subscription.

You save: Around ₹1000/- per year

EduSynk Offices

Bengaluru Office

WeWork, Ground Floor,
Block L, Embassy TechVillage,
Outer Ring Rd, Bengaluru,
Karnataka. 560103

Jaipur Office

#106, Mangalam Metropolis Tower,
Panchsheel Colony, Nirmohi Nagar,
Near Purani Chungi, Ajmer Road
Jaipur – Rajasthan 302019

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