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wide-format, colorful school timetable illustration, tailored for elementary students. The timetable displays a clean, horizontal layout with the days of the week from Monday to Friday shown prominently.

Introduction:The creation and management of school timetables have long been an intricate work for educators and administrators. With the advent of advanced technologies, schools now …

A digital illustration representing the concept of Efficient Routing and GPS Route Scheduling of School Buses Using Software

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, technology has become a driving force in enhancing various aspects of the schooling experience. One area that has …

As organizations, schools do need branding and marketing strategies to connect with parents, students, non-teaching staff, and alumni. Most of the school administrations undermine the role of branding and marketing in school business as in demand is often sufficient to overweigh the supply. However, with the introduction to new schools that are having advanced infrastructures, traditional schools are facing a tough time in attracting good students.

In current times when technology is opening doors of many fold opportunities, there are many possible ways a school administrator can take, manage and track attendance of teachers, students and other staff.

These days everybody loves to have real-time updates. Therefore, we ask many parents about what they would love to know about their kid's school activities. On the basis of discussion, we are summarizing five key features that are required in every school's management system. Have a good read!!


Imagine a scenario in a school where each studentΓÇÖs location is being tracked using GPS based device. School and Parents can have location records with corresponding time duration.

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